Why Our Class: Protecting Your Baby in the First Trimester

If you have not read plenty prior to conceiving, then there is much to learn during your early pregnancy. For example, did you know that your baby’s heart begins to beat and take over its own tiny circulation at only 21 days after conception? For most women, that time comes even before they are certain they are pregnant. In addition, all the baby’s vital organs are in place by the end of the third month. Yes, they are primitive and have a lot more developing to do–but this is important to know so that you will help protect your baby from the hazards of malnutrition or environmental risks.

Simple things like emptying the cat litter box or even cleaning the oven can pose risks to a developing fetus. Some women work in environments that may have unhealthy fumes or chemicals. These are called teratogens (teratology is the study of human birth defects) and we learn more about them in our Early Pregnancy Class. Our next one is slated for Saturday, August 11, 9 – 10:30 am at Nana and Company, 141 N. First St., in downtown Dixon.