Free Childbirth Class, UC Davis Experts Give Class

Attention Pregnant Couples: Bring Your Pregnant Friend and Her Coach to Your Childbirth Class for FREE!

We have a very special Christmas gift for couples expecting Christmas babies–Register by October 20 for our next childbirth course and you can bring another pregnant couple for FREE. That means you can split the $200 course fee and save $100 each couple!

We know it is difficult to carve out eight class nights anytime of the year but especially over the holidays so we’re sweetening the attraction. We know–and so do our hundreds of past students know– how important it is to be prepared for childbirth. Even old women can clearly recollect the birth of their babies and that is how significant the experience will be. For most married couples, the intense work to bring your baby in the world helps cement their relationship and can set couples on a path to create a closer and more loving family.

Our childbirth course is worth every cent and we hope you’ll increase the fun of learning by bringing friends to share the class with you. Feel free to call with any questions. (707) 678-6262.

UC Davis Professors To Give Free Talks on Infant Development

Please click on the ‘Bringing Up Baby’ tab on the menu bar to read about our new free classes that will help parents better understand how their baby learns.