By Debra:

My passion has always been for babies, children and young families. Having three beautiful children and being fully committed to building our family helped me experience the best life has to offer, despite the reality of disappointments or set backs. Each path of my work as a Childbirth and Parent Educator, Assistant Midwife, Journalist covering family issues, and Children’s Minister, has helped hone my abilities and expand my education to help other families in this precious time of the childbearing years.

I earned my BA in Journalism and have spent many years writing for area newspapers, a nationally distributed family magazine, and the Dixon Patch online newspaper. I bought Tots Trade Center in Davis in 1997 so I could enjoy my last child to the fullest extent while working and found a new business pleasure: retail.

By running a children’s resale boutique professionally, I strive for Nana and Company to validate that purchasing previously owned merchandise is a respectable, responsible, and prudent shopping choice. Babies and children simply grow too fast to wear out valuable clothing or costly equipment. While my personal belief is that babies are really very simple when we take the time to understand them, we live in a very rushed society. When the baby cries, that swing or vibrating cradle may become a real necessity.

For additional assistance in the family building process, our childbirth and parenting classes will positively impact lives for many years to come. Friendships will be built that will provide support and encouragement from new friends that share similar beliefs or have similar lifestyle choices. More mature women have already helped to set up the store and its resources–and will continue to play an active role in teaching younger women about building strong families. We welcome and encourage fathers to be vital in these classes as well.

My husband, children, and customers have been an asset to my personal growth and constant support in this endeavor and I am forever grateful.